Lost your coins?
No need to panic. We are here to rescue.

Recover My Bitcoin is a professionally trained team of bitcoin recovery experts. With industry leading recovery tools and tested methods, we are almost sure to recover your hard-earned coins from any situation. 

High Success Rate!

We offer up to 99% recovery rates for restoring your access to lost coins in terms of accounts and wallets.

With the increase in value of bitcoin in relation to actual currency such as USD, it becomes more and more important for you to ensure you never lose access to your hard-earned coins. We are here to assist you with just that. 

Lost Password

Your hard-earned money is rendered inaccessible of you lose your password. We will assist you to restore your access.

Wallet Dispute

Inability to access the wallet due to usage of old version, even though you know the correct password. We help gladly.

Watch only Wallet

Your wallet has been set to watch only mode due to security reasons. We will assist you wit restoration.

Funds Lost in Fork

If you have a bitcoin balance that predates the fork, we can provide assistance recovering the funds that were lost in the forked cork.

Wrong Address Transfers

Funds lost due to transfer made to incorrect wallet addresses or it was never received by end user. We will help fix this.

Storage Issues

Physical damage to storage devices, such as hard disks, where the coins were stored. We will assist in recovery of data from these devices.

Lost Data

Recovery of data if it was accidentally deleted or removed by you. The process is critical, but we can always assist yo with recovery.

Virus & Hackers

IF the system gets hacked or attached by malware. We will assist in recovering all coin information.

Why Choose us to recover your coins?

Hardware Expertise

If you have lost access to a cryptocurrency wallet due to hardware failure, data corruption, lost passwords, or for any other reason, you need to work with trusted experts to ensure that your files remain secure.

We use latest recovery algorithms

Redditor u/Coding_Enthusiast recently released the tool, which he calls the “FinderOuter.” The FinderOuter has a simple interface that enables the user to enter the partial information for Base-58 or Base-16 private keys. It then recovers the entire key.

Alternate solutions for all issues

It is next to impossible to recover missing private keys without a partial amount of information. For eg, computer crashes have often been responsible for losing funds, but many tools exist, both hardware and software, that can restore failed hard drives.

Complete assessment of recovery & probability

Our team will closely assess the obstacles that make your coins inaccessible. This could include forgotten passwords; a computer with a virus or a computer that otherwise won’t start; a broken mobile phone; a damaged hard drive; a wallet that is watch only; or accidentally deleted data. Forks in the blockchain or transfers that never arrived to a recipient are also common problems.

We offer FREE Consultation

A personalized analysis of all issues and fair chances of recovery which includes estimated time to complete and amount of work required is discussed with you. Our team of recovery experts will ensure no commitments are made if the situation is really bad.